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Jasypro is proud to announce that EDLORE is making swift progress in the area of “Operations and Maintenance” via an Augmented Reality and proprietary content delivery system. ¬†Combining the most cutting edge technologies such as sensor fusion, object tracking, machine learning, digital/smart glasses, GIS, and other “currently undisclosed” technologies and processes, EDLORE is sure to be a great defragmenter to industry and virtual best friend to the “in-field” operative; through a rich and intuitive 1st person delivery of precisely the proper content in concise context per the task at hand will ensure EDLORE’s place as THE standard in operations and maintenance, as well as other industries in managing equipment/assets in real-time.

Watch the news as EDLORE has already secured numerous pilot-contracts, and is likely going to be serving your neighborhood and/or favorite companies very soon.